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Implementation will differ by system type. However, most of the steps will be similar. Below is an example of implementation steps in a company. The implementation time depends on the size of the company, the number, and the size of transformers.

Setup task estimation procedure

Make value estimation for every task significant in terms of business value or resource cost. Implement value estimations review process done by consumers. Improve the task estimation process by using Anti-value and Value Models.


Better prioritization and planning

Recalculate task priorities according to the new formula - the ratio of business value to resource costs. Create and validate plans in terms of value.


Value Reporting

It is necessary to collect metrics data and plot the Cycle Stream Chart, Transformer Value Delivered, and Value Delivered Trends.

60% Completed

Focus on value

Introduce new roles of Aeilus Master, Value Stream Owner, and Transformer Owners. Organize meetings to maximize value delivered and conversions.

Working with domains

Introduce new roles of Domain Owners. Create policies for working with domains: Security, Continuity, Availability, Performance, Continuous Improvement, and Knowledge.

Create a collection of practices

Introduce new roles of Practice Owners. Create a collection of practices, implement a practice replacement procedure, replenish the collection with the best world practices.