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Value System Sponsor - determines how value streams are organized and managed.

Value Stream Owner - determines how value will be created in each transformer.

Value Stream Manager - responsible for continuously maximizing the efficiency of each stream transformer, increasing the volume of Value delivery, and fulfilling the Planned Value delivery.

Stream Transformer Owner - agrees with the value stream owner on the volumes and composition of the received and output Value, determines the transformer's policies, and designs the use of practices in the transformer.

Stream Transformer Manager - responsible for continuously maximizing the efficiency of a particular transformer, increasing Value delivery volumes, and meeting value delivery plans.

Domain Owner - helps transformers develop a policy for the domain, select proper practices, and control policy implementation by the transformer.

Practice Owner - replenishes the collection with practices of a specific category and helps transformers with the selection/implementation/use of practices.

Aeilus Master - responsible for the correct use of the Aeilus methodology in the organization. The Master inspires to use the methodology, helps design value streams, conducts master classes, and helps carry out events and implement Aeilus indicators.